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Arriving to Singapore
Airport Info Visa Info Customs Info Controlled Items

Changi Airport Info
Singapore's Changi Airport is an amazing place. Already large by any standard, construction is seemly always underway for expansion. The efficiency and order is refreshing. One would never suspect that some 25 million people arrive annually and transit through the place with plans to increase that to some 40 million persons per year over the next decade.

Changi is about 20 kilometres from downtown Singapore and visitors by and large have four options to get into the city. Visitors can take a regular taxi cab direct to your hotel. Depending which hotel you're staying at the ride costs about SGD 32.00 for 3 adults and will take about 30 minutes. However the actual cost may vary depending on time of day. Click here for more information.

A second option is a shuttle bus that collects passengers going to several different hotels in a certain geographic area. Cost is fixed at SGD 7.00/per adult (SGD 6.00/per child) and takes about 45 or minutes or longer depending on the hotel order.

As well there are two public transportation options; the MRT (subway) and Singapore public bus. Both are convenient, easy to use and inexpensive. That said if you have a lot of luggage or your hotel is not near a MRT station you may be better off taking the shuttle bus or public bus (if you are on a very tight budget).

The MRT station is located in Terminal 1 and you will need to have a farecard (you can buy a farecard in the station). Be advised that in order to go downtown you will need to transfer trains at Tanah Merah interchange and get on the train headed to Boon Lay (it's on the same platform). Approximate time to downtown from the airport is 45 minutes and vice versa. Be advised that if you arrive at Changi Airport's Budget Terminal there is a free shuttle bus to the main terminals 1 and 2 to get you to the MRT station.

The fourth and last option is the public bus. SBS (Singapore Bus Service) buses 16 and 36 run between Orchard Road and Changi Airport. Approximate time to downtown is 50 minutes or more.

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Entry and Exit Requirements
Generally foreigners, who do not require visas for entry and are visiting Singapore as tourists, may be given up to 30-day social visit passes upon their arrival in Singapore. For a list of nationalities needing a visa click here.

That said, tourists entering Singapore need a valid passport, onward/ return tickets, onward facilities (i.e. visas, entry permit etc.) to their next destination and sufficient funds for their stay in Singapore. If you want to stay longer, you need to apply to the Singapore Immigration & Registration Office. Call the Singapore Immigration Office Hotline at Tel. 6391-6100 after your arrival.

Women in an advanced state of pregnancy (i.e. 6 months or more) intending to visit Singapore should make prior application to the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission or the Singapore Immigration and Registration Office.

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Customs Formalities
Visitors 18 years old or older arriving from a country other than Malaysia and who have spent more than 48 hours outside Singapore immediately before their arrival, are allowed a duty-free concession on one litre each of spirits, wine and beer or stout ale for personal consumption.

There is no concession for cigarettes or other tobacco products. Singapore is largely a no-smoking zone and government does everything in its power to discourage smoking.

Currently the GST (Goods and Services Tax) is 5%. This GST is levied on all goods imported into Singapore. A bonafide traveler, other than holders of a work permit, employment pass, student pass, dependent pass or long term pass will be given relief on GST on new purchases, gifts, souvenirs and food preparations, excluding liquor and tobacco, up to the value of:
* SGD 50.00 if you have been away from Singapore for less than 24 hours.
* SGD 150.00 if you have been away from Singapore for 24 hours or more but less than 48 hours.
* SGD 300.00 if you have been away from Singapore for 48 hours or more.

Excess dutiable items may be left in Customs Bond until your departure, provided this is from the same point of entry. You are charged for storage.

Export Duty
No export duties are imposed on goods taken out of Singapore. Export permits are required for firearms, ammunition, explosives, animals, gold in form, platinum, precious stones and jewelry (except reasonable personal effects), poisons and drugs. For inquiries please contact the Singapore Trade Development Board at Tel. 6337-6620.

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Controlled and Prohibited Items
Singapore prohibits the entry of some items, while others are subject to controls and restrictions.

Prohibited items include: chewing gum, chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products, cigarette lighters of pistol / revolver shape, controlled drugs and psychotropic substances, endangered species of wildlife and their byproducts, firecrackers, obscene articles, publications, video tapes or disc, records or cassettes, seditious and treasonable materials

Travelers who carry medicine with them, especially sleeping pills, depressants and stimulants, must ensure that they bring along the prescription confirming that the medicine is used for their physical well-being while traveling.

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Drug Warning

Drug abuse is taken VERY seriously in Singapore. The death penalty is mandatory for those convicted of trafficking, manufacturing, importing or exporting any one of the following: 15g of heroin, 30g of morphine, 30g of cocaine, 500g of cannabis, 200g of cannabis resin, 1.2 kg of opium.

Possession of such quantities is deemed as prima facie evidence of trafficking. Those convicted of unauthorised drug consumption face maximum imprisonment of 10 years, fine of SGD 20,000, or both.

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